Koç Zirai Ürünler San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Our company was established on 14.05.2014 by Ümit Mirza Çavuşoğlu as the only partner. Our Company's capital is 5,000,000.00 TL. 100% of the capital is paid. The main activity of the company is the Wholesale and Export of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. 80% of our sales are exports. Our company specialized in cherries, grapes, figs and pomegranates. These 4 products are 90% of our sales.

Koç Zirai A.Ş. Export of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Export of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Our company is located in Alaşehir district of Manisa Province on 27.561 m² area with 10.000 m² closed area, Cold Storage, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Areas and Administrative Building.

At our facility we have 5.000 tons with atmosphere and 3000 ton normal cold air rooms which is total of 8,000 tons of cold air rooms are available. There are 2 Automatic Cherry Sorting Machines in Cherry Processing area. Total daily capacity is 120 tons. There are 1 stable and 2 mobile cherry washing and cooling machines. There are 4 grape processing bands in Grape Processing area.

Our company has become a leader in a short time with the innovations and performance it has made in its field.

Our company manufactures plastic crates for fruits and vegetables. 2 Plastic Injection Molding Machines are available. Especially we produce our own cash registers of grape and pomegranate.